Joy in the Intangibles


The cause of true joy is not found in anything visible or tangible; nothing causes it, it's simply the sensation of existing as a soul and spirit. So, instead of waiting to possess something or someone before you can experience joy, do the opposite: rejoice simply in the existence of people and things for, in this joy they give you, you have the feeling they belong to you. The only things that truly belong to you are those that give you joy. Your possessions, on the other hand, do not necessarily give you much joy.

Everything that brings you joy you possess, and much more than if you owned it. There is so much joy to be felt before the beauty of nature, a sunrise, or a starry sky! And yet they are not physically yours. So, the most important thing is not your ownership of anything but your capacity to experience joy.
--Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov