Savor the Delights of Christmas

Christmas abundance is.... 

A wreath on a door. The sound of the oven door opening and the fragrance of freshly baked sugar cookies. A turkey dinner. The crunch of snow underfoot. Christmas carolers in a downtown plaza. A lighted Christmas tree through the window. Eager children looking at a department store window display. Red roses in a florist’s shop. The scent of expensive perfume from an elegantly dressed woman. Candles burning in a sanctuary. The mystery of brightly wrapped packages.

--Candy Paull, Christmas Abundance 

Christmas Abundance

Take time for true abundance. Make choices that reflect the deepest needs of your heart, not the agendas of a world that lies to you and says that you are not enough. The message of Christmas says that we are enough and that life is a gift from God, not a right we purchase. Each moment is a gift of grace—and true abundance is being aware of that.

Candy Paull 

Christmas Abundance