What an amazing amount of Truth in one place. I started reading and just couldn’t stop. I absolutely loved the quotes interspersed throughout the text. The most powerful spiritual tool at our disposal is gratitude. If one has an attitude of gratitude everything falls into place…
— S (Amazon five star review)

The Heart of Abundance is a "best of" free ebook that has been read by thousands and offers encouragement and strength… More words of gratitude 

The art of abundance is not about greed or selfishness. The art of abundance is about celebrating life right now, this minute… More words of gratitude

A month's worth of meditations and encouraging quotes encourage you to create and celebrate more abundance every day… More words of gratitude

Inspirational meditations, quotes, and simple tips help you savor the season and share in the holiday spirit.. More words of  encouragement

In a high stress, high anxiety world, a serene life may feel like an impossible dream. But serenity can be consciously cultivated... More words of encouragement

Encouragement is the art of abundance shared and multiplied. It is a way of living that seeks to bless each person we meet... More words of encouragement

A month of meditations that can give you the courage and confidence to live with resolution, vitality, and purpose… More words of encouragement

A celebratory look at Christmas that reminds you of the true reason for the season. Includes Christmas recipes... More words of inspiration

The Translucent Heart is a collection of sixty-one meditations with quotes for the spiritual journey, featuring practical ways...
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Simplicity can be difficult to achieve in a world that clamors for "more! more! more!" But simplicity opens the way to the center of the heart... More words of inspiration

A month of meditations help you clear both outer and inner clutter, encouraging you to order your priorities around what matters most… More words of inspiration

Inner Abundance gently helps you look at life from another perspective. You'll find fresh insight on the small joys that you often take for granted or miss in the rush... More words of gratitude