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From information on publishing to people and resources that I think you will enjoy or find helpful, this page offers a ragbag of ideas, links, thoughts, and cogitations for your pleasure. I have culled the best from blogs and internet resources to offer this overview of the evolving e-book publishing situation. I'll be adding and updating information as I can. It is only one person's perspective in a landscape that is evolving too quickly for any one person to grasp. 

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.
— Robert Louis Stevenson
One can study a caterpillar forever and never be able to predict a butterfly.
— Buckminster Fuller

Secrets to Publishing Success by Mark Coker

The latest information on e-book publishing basics from Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords. The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success reveals the best practices of the most commercially successful self-published ebook authors. This ebook is a must-read for every writer, author, publisher and literary agent. Learn over 25 best-practices you can implement today at no cost. These secrets will help you become a more professional, more successful writer and publisher.

Smashwords Guides 

Smashwords Blog 

Joanna Penn: Author 2.0 Blueprint

A strong blog for writers who want to learn how to succeed in the ever-evolving digital book market. Download her free Author 2.0 Blueprint for expert guidance on publishing your own book. 

The Creative Penn Blog

The Passive Voice

I read this blog daily. An intellectual property attorney (aka Passive Guy) collects some of the best online for those interested in self-publishing and the book industry. 

The Passive Voice 

Kristine Kathryn Rusch 

Go to her business resources for some of the best and most trustworthy information on the self-publishing revolution. I recommend reading her publishing industry series for a greater understanding of how publishing worked then (5-10 years ago) and how publishing works now (including publishing without a traditional publisher). 

Kristine Kathryn Rusch 

This article by Kris offers a brief overview of the changes in the book industry over the last sixty years and how it affects readers. She also writes about how the evolution of the book industry affected writers. Great background for anyone who wants to understand what the new developments like ebooks and independent publishing mean for all of us. Article: Hidden Treasures 

Dean Wesley Smith

Married to Kris Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith offers even more insight on the publishing business and succeeding in this new paradigm. Check out his series on Think Like a Publisher and Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing. 

Dean Wesley Smith

J.A. Konrath

Strong opinions from a leader in self publishing. 

J. A. Konrath

Mike Schatzkin 

A leader in the publishing industry offers valuable insight on the evolution of publishing. 

Mike Schatzkin

David Gaughran

Author of Let's Get Digital and Let's Get Visible offers trustworthy insight into self-publishing possibilities and pitfalls. 

David Gaughran 

And here is an excellent quick intro to the basics from David Gaughran. 

Basic Intro to Self Publishing


If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said, "faster horses."
Henry Ford

Julia Cameron 

Julia Cameron's books changed my life. And the lives of many other creative friends. Her new website and blog offer practical ways to cultivate the spirit of creativity. The Artist's Way is a twelve step program for the creative soul. I also return again and again to her other books, especially The Right to Write and The Vein of Gold. 

Julia Cameron

Chris Guillebeau

I have followed Chris since 2009. I participated in his first $100 Start Up forum. Art & Money has helped me understand the possibilities of the new digital marketplace. I'm still building my Business Empire. Highly recommended for entrepreneurs. 

Christ Guillebeau 

The Book Designer

Joel Friedlander offers help for designing and publishing your book, plus insights on the evolving industry from all over the Internet. Check out his weekly Carnival of the Indies for the best blogs of the week. 

The Book Designer

Christine Kane 

Musician turned Internet entrepreneur helps you build your online business. 

Chistine Kane 

John Morrow: Boost Blog Traffic

A great site for bloggers and anyone who is serious about building website traffic. Has been very helpful as I learn to grow my online presence.

John Morrow

Yong Kang 

Michael Max writes wonderful blogs on Chinese medicine, acupuncture, travel, culture, and understanding the changes life brings. Not a publishing blog, but a philosophical delight. 

Yong Kang Clinic 

I have found great comfort in Michael's Desert Quietude series.

Michael Max: Desert Quietude 

Institute of the Southwest

Kelly Wendorf and Wayne Muller offer inspiring and helpful blogs. The Institute of the Southwest brings individuals, executives, and organizations to their full potential by liberating inner human capital, by elevating a sense of confidence, and by developing collaborative trust among people.

Institute of the Southwest