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Success depends on a plus condition of mind and body, on power of work, on courage.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Enough of scary headlines and dire predictions. And that, my friend, includes the frightening stories we tell ourselves and the disbelieving comments that cripple us at every turn. 

Every morning I wake up to a choice: Will I believe that low energy whine that tells me, “You’ll never succeed, the obstacles are too overwhelming, and besides, you wouldn’t be in this place if you could anything right.” If I listen to that voice, I’ll never get out of bed. 

Or will I choose to listen to a more subtle voice that says, “Accept that things are not as you would like them to be. Accept that you played your part in co-creating these circumstances. But do not accept that you are helpless in the face of these difficult truths. Instead, choose to trust God (and yourself) in a new way today. Release your regrets and set aside your fears. Do today’s work with your whole heart. Live in the moment and plan for success.”

That inspiring voice also says, “Take small steps in the right direction and trust that you will be led. Believe that you are a child of God, and you are greater than any conditions that life presents. You can create better conditions, with the help of Spirit, if you’ll just see yourself as a powerful spiritual being capable of creating amazing things. Even in loss and failure the human spirit can triumph, and unexpected victories can come to the heart that believes.”

One day when I was feeling anxious, I took a small positive step and bought a book. Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen gave me lots of ideas for building my business and taking positive action to create a life I love. Since then, I have been sorting through empowering ideas and choosing to listen to my “inner winner” instead of my “inner whiner.” 

One other idea I have taken from the book: create a mastermind group. So now I’m having regular meetings with three of the most powerful women I know. These ladies are survivors who know how to thrive, who never give up, and who have created meaningful lives out of the ashes of their failures and losses. They inspire me to do the same, and to believe that even when things feel like they are falling apart, they are also coming together. A new and better pattern is replacing the old ways. 

Our mastermind group is reading through the book and applying the lessons from Cash in a Flash. We are discussing some great ideas for co-creating and collaborating on projects. We encourage and pray daily for each other as we make progress toward building happier and more prosperous lives. 

Here’s the website address for the Cash in a Flash book. They offer lots of extra practical and inspiring goodies online, so it’s a great investment.


Success = a focused mind + a determined heart + a focused, determined team.
from Cash in a Flash

There is no combination of experiences so hard, so black, so complicated but that God can work a miracle in them.
Emma Curtis Hopkins

A self-pitying life is a doomed life. Only the life which deliberately picks up and starts over again is victorious.
James Gordon Gilkey

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.

Men were born to succeed, not to fail.
Henry David Thoreau

If we want more roses, we must plant more trees!
George Eliot

The thing we wish to do, then, is to find a faith greater than our fears, whether they are fears of people, of conditions, of life, or of death. Such faith is born out of a complete conviction of the eternal destiny of one’s own soul and of all other souls. 
Ernest Holmes

Affirmative prayer

From this moment on, life is forever changed for me in magnificent, prosperous, and graceful ways. All things are unfolding for the highest good and there is no resistance, only divine timing and perfect peace. Love is the true motivation for all I do, even in the simplest routines of my daily life. I now claim God’s great idea of amazing success and vision to help, heal, and touch the world. I am now open and willing to receive the blessings which make this so.

Introducing an inspiring friend: 

I have Pam Slim’s blog on my bookmarks bar. I check it every week. She has a great blog on starting your first website right now. But I especially appreciated her blog on the three types of people described in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point. 

Here is Pam’s description of the three kinds of people that make things happen: 

Connectors are fantastic at expanding your network. They will say things like: 
“Oh you should talk to …”
“Have you heard about…”
“Let me introduce you to…” 
They think in nodes, not individuals, and like nothing more than to help you. They see people first, then money.

Salesmen will take the idea that you have been working on for years and help you package it, price it and sell it. They say things like:
“But if you do that, you won’t make any money!”
“Here is how you should position it, and here is the upsell…”
“You have to have an offer. Traffic means nothing if it doesn’t lead to a sale.”
“What is your pricing structure?”
“What specific value will this have to your market? How much is that worth?”

Mavens will dig deeply into your product and give very specific, detailed and relevant information on how it can fit within the marketplace. 
“I was researching that last month, and I noticed a slight discrepancy in ….”
“Your work fits right in the xxx part of yyy’s essay on the zzz topic.”
“You could add videos to this to bring the lessons alive! And you could expand on the content in Chapter 3, Section 2, by listing …”

I realized that I’m a “maven.” My bookshelves and my collections of quotes tell you that I like resources and research. For example, when people ask me about writing and publishing, I’m the one who says, 
“Have you checked out the writer’s section at your local bookstore?” 
“Have you read this or that person’s blog?” 
“Do you realize you can create a great information product with this?” 
“Did you read this document on the developing e-book story?” 
“Have you gone to Smashwords and read Mark Coker’s blog and clicked through on to the other blogs he recommends? 

So what are you—connector, salesperson, or maven? And how can you use your unique gifts to collaborate with others to create a success that multiplies good for everyone?

read the entire blog post at: 
Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen: The secret to your success
Pam Slim’s blog on August 23, 2010


  1. September 19, 2010 11:08 AM CDT

    I came across your book by chance, or so I thought. I have really enjoyed how you write and put things. I choose to make the best of every day. Keep writing, people need you. God has used you in such a great way. Never live in a box. Throw the box away.

    - Tammy Pitarro