Seeking Sacred Silence

Lilies in Sunlight 

Lilies in Sunlight 

Silence is the only Voice of our God—All profound things and emotions are preceded and attended by Silence.
—Herman Melville

To develop a quality of listening presence in our lives, we must begin by stilling the disjointed judgments and chatter of our minds, calming our emotions so we are free to move from conventional thinking to our deeper, more intuitive perceptions. We can choose to move beyond the time-bound limitations of a stressed-out lifestyle to enter into the timeless and eternal. Whether it is a quiet fifteen minutes of silence and meditation in the morning or a weekend retreat, this withdrawal from the noise and stress of the daily grind is essential to the growth of our souls.

This spiritual journey leads from dependence on outer conditions and hierarchies to inner authority and spiritual strength. A Sabbath for the soul, this choice to encounter silence, stillness, darkness, emptiness, and openness helps you develop the inner strength you need to claim your own power and fulfill your destiny. This is a deeper work that cannot be done unless you withdraw from the world and become quiet enough to attend to the inner voice of Spirit. Entering the silence is an essential step into a new experience and expression of life.

Silence begins by withdrawing and releasing. You withdraw from the frenzied noise of the outer world, from the judgments and rules you have been living by all of your life, from the opinions and needs of others and your own need for their approval, from the commerce of the marketplace and the expectations of the life you already live. God says, “Come away, my beloved,” drawing you into the wilderness to speak tenderly to your heart. It is up to you to decide if you are ready for a tryst with Spirit. 

Silence means that you release your own agendas and still the chatter of your busy mind. Relax and let all the “yes, but” thoughts fall away. Let go. Stop resisting. Open your heart and mind. When you choose to enter the silence, you release the past and surrender the future, immersing yourself in the eternal here, the forever now. You create space for something new to enter your life.