Ducklings and Designing for the Fun of It


A photograph is a liminal apace, neither real nor imaginary, a middle region where the soul comes to life. To the literal mind, a photograph may look like a record of the past, but to the poetic mind it is an uncanny presencing of self and world that is pure, deep, and revealing.
— Thomas Moore

I'm working on a new creative project that involves print on demand fabrics and clothing. I will be posting more soon, but I'm in a creative fog exploring graphic options with my current software. I took some photos of mama duck and her babies at Centennial Park a couple of years ago. Now I have turned one into a digital painting that might even become wallpaper or fabric. What fun!

And here is one variation of what wallpaper or fabric might look like. 

Fabric or wallpaper style A

and another variation. 

Fabric or wallpaper style B

I have also been playing with florals. I will take a photo, edit it, and then end up with something that would work for fabric, or might look lovely on a dress. It's all exploration of the world of print on demand. 

Painted Tulips 

This can turn into fun fabric designs:

Or maybe a rose can become a dress design. It feels like anything can happened when I make magic with images. 

Painted Rose

The body is a vehicle through which I beccome an aesthetic expression of the self.
— Tu Wei-Ming

Here is a link to my Art of Where store. I have uploaded a few designs that are for sale.

I am in a preliminary learning stage, so please be patient. More to come later...