My new RedBubble Store

Translucent White Tulip Petals Red Bubble

Introducing my new RedBubble print on demand store. Just created it on March 15. I'm working on a longer blog that talks about RedBubble and Art of Where, and some current directions for my creative joy.

Meanwhile, here is a link that will take you to my RedBubble store landing page. I already have 20 designs, and am adding more all the time. Had some sales, too. Totally done for love and joy, but happy that people want to buy!

Candy Paull Red Bubble Store

When I create a new collection and put my art in a form that others can enjoy, I'm like a little kid showing my finger painting to Mom and having her display it on the refrigerator door. Even more exciting is seeing someone wear one of my designs, or wearing one myself. What fun!


To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
Joseph Chilton Pearce

Excerpt from The Translucent Heart 

There is great power in immersing yourself in a satisfying creative project. First of all, it takes your mind off your worries and immerses you in the moment, in the doing of the thing. It is also empowering, for you are the one who is making the choices. The creative work is yours. When other parts of your life are stressful and feel out of your control, the world you create in your artistic projects tells you that you are capable. The soothing nature of the creative process can calm and center you, bringing serenity in those moments when you are most absorbed in a project.

As you move deeper into the process, you also learn to surrender to the greater wisdom of what is being made. A potter works with the clay, a woodworker cherishes the grain of the wood, the melody demands certain chords, the brush and color sometimes seem to guide your hand. You realize that surrender to the flow and energy can create unexpected effects and combinations, bringing something into being that is beyond what you originally imagined. It is true in art—and it is true in life as well. 

Eric Maisel, author and a psychotherapist who counsels artists says, “Remember the three companions of creativity: loving, knowing, doing. You can propel yourself into a creative outburst by choosing any one of the three as starting point.”  You can rejuvenate yourself by time spent appreciating great art, falling in love with the creations of others—loving. You can rekindle your creative spirit by learning a new skill or technique—knowing. Or you can leap right into a project, allowing the work itself to carry you along—doing. 

Composer Aaron Copeland said that inspiration is the antithesis of self-consciousness. Like children at play, we bring an unselfconscious joy to acts of creation. Tap into the unselfconscious pleasure of creating something that satisfies your soul, nourishes your heart, and challenges you to express your creativity. 

Austin Tyler Meade wearing the Mystery Pink Peony dress from Art of Where   Mystery Pink Peony

Austin Tyler Meade wearing the Mystery Pink Peony dress from Art of Where

Mystery Pink Peony