Abundance Begins in the Heart

Abundance is an inside job. It begins with love. When you are creating a career, a craft, a partnership, a work of art, a home, choose to put your whole heart into what you do. When you give attention and love to your work and your relationships, they begin to glow with Divine life. The energies of love and a high quality of attention create wholeness in your life and in this world.

If you are feeling fragmented and broken, a simple way to bring the pieces back together is to do one humble task with attention and care. Be fully present in the smallest, most insignificant task and you will tap into the innate wholeness of the entire Universe. A new sense of well-being becomes available to you when you wash dishes mindfully or sweep the floor as if it is the most important work in the world. The same goes for focusing on the person you are with. Your loving attention will create a place for relationship to become a sacred trust. This work, this person, become important in this moment because the here and now is all you really have access to anyway. Make it count.

Create small spaces of beauty and order in your life. Commit fully to what you are doing and who you are with. Be fully present and create beauty that satisfies your soul. If you love it and work with your heart, you will be rewarded. Ask yourself these questions:

• Does this thing I have made or done make me feel more whole and alive?

• Do I feel nourished and happy because of it?

• Does it feel “right” somehow, even if others might not approve or consider it important?

• Do I feel that I did this to the glory of God or for the highest good?

• Am I serving a greater purpose by choosing to do this?

Investing such energies of love and attention, no matter how small or humble the task, helps you build a sense of Divine order and harmony in your world, and in your soul. When you choose to live life as a path of service, each task accomplished and each person honored creates a sacred sense of abundance that heals the person and makes a life whole. 

Abundance begins in the heart. There is that within you that knows what to do and how to do it. Trust that inner instinct and follow its leading. Feed your soul with books and resources that encourage you on this path of spiritual discovery. Use affirmative prayers to remind yourself of the reality of the unseen world of love and abundance when you are feeling overwhelmed by the old illusions of fear and scarcity. Know the spiritual truth: God is your source. True abundance flows from the fountain of the loving Presence that is always with you and within you. God is in your heart, in the still small Voice within that comforts, guides, and sustains. Every time you choose to trust this calm and steady sense of Presence, the Universe will move in support as helping hands, loving hearts, and kindred spirits arrive in your life. Some call it the law of attraction. Some call it growing into our spiritual potential. This is the grace of inner abundance, helping you discover a peaceful, life-giving strength that can transform your life. Heaven is within, and you can create a taste of heaven on earth when you live from that inner reality.

The human soul is God’s treasury, out of which he coins unspeakable riches. Thoughts and feelings, desires and yearnings, faith and hope—these are the most precious things which God finds in us.
— Henry Ward Beecher
We must make choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves.
— Thomas Merton

Affirm these truths:

• As an artist works with the nature of things, so do I work with the nature of God expressing in, through, and for me.

• I now tap into inner sources of love, joy, and peace.

• As an artist loves beauty and meaning, giving it material form, so I love the nature of God, which is Life, Love, and Beauty, and give it form in the choices I make, the things I create, the people I love. 

Truth exists for the wise, beauty for the feeling heart.
— Johann von Schiller

At certain happy hours, each man is conscious of a secret heaven within him, a realm of undiscovered sciences; or slumbering powers; a heaven, of which these feats of talent, are no measure; it arches over the sky, over all it has done, or that has been done, and suggests unfathomable power.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson