Sweet Silence

Blossom Time

Blossom Time

It has been said, “prayer is the fullness of attention.” When we’re completely paying attention, when we’re completely present in a moment, completely listening at all levels, we’re praying. 
—Cynthia Bourgeault

When we enter silence, we leave behind the conventional thinking of society and our habitual selves. “Peace, be still,” Jesus said to the stormy sea of Galilee, and the seas calmed to glassy stillness. So we also learn to calm the storm of our emotions and thoughts to enter a still place—no judgments, no opinions, no old scripts and self-defeating stories, no more limited thinking. No longer busy being busy and important, we allow the noise of the old life to subside as we enter the innocence of just “being.” We truly become human beings instead of humans doing. 

Entering physical silence enables us to learn to enter a spiritual silence where fear, prejudices, rigidity, resistance, projections, and stress are all released. Openness and allowing are the hallmarks of the one who has learned to enter into a silent way of being.

• Exercise: Listen to a quiet piece of music, allowing it to carry you into a place of stillness. Then spend a few minutes in silence when the music is finished. Write about your experiences in a journal.