Choose Higher Thoughts Today

Reaching for the Light

Reaching for the Light

When unhappy, one doubts everything. When happy, one doubts nothing.
Joseph Roux

When life feels dark and overwhelming, become aware of your thoughts and actively choose to think better thoughts. Get out of a negative mental rut and decide that you can choose your thoughts, and those thoughts can focus on the good that is already in your life. It may be a simple thing, like a cup of coffee or a helping hand or a warm bed to tumble into at the end of a long day. Stop going over why things went wrong or how someone hurt you or why life is hopeless. 

When you find yourself dwelling on what’s wrong, look for hidden blessings in troublesome situations. Choose to move from negative stories into more positive and creative possibilities. Replace complaints with praise. When you find yourself thinking negatively, create a positive affirmation to replace the negative talk. 

Notice when you begin to lose perspective. Sometimes going to bed earlier is the best antidote to a poisonous mood. Remember to take care of your body, for a brighter outlook can come after a good night’s sleep or a comforting meal. Take care of the physical body with rest, exercise, and good nutrition, and your psychic energy will improve as well. 

Allow the light of love to transform your thoughts and illuminate your life on dark days. Meditate, pray an affirmative prayer, then release your cares to the loving hands of God. Believe that God will make a way where there seems to be no way. Focus on what needs to be done in this moment, trusting Spirit to guide you.

Blessings do not always come gift wrapped in gold. Usually some time after the event, we may speak of great misfortune as being a blessing in disguise. There is both a poetic and an etymological connection between our word bless and the French blessure, meaning "wound." Our wounds confer blessings on us when we embrace them as part of who we are, when we accept that the brightness of our fire also casts shadows. The wounded healer is one who has dived deep into his own vulnerability and sickness, and returned with the gift of compassion as well as a knowledge that can heal others.
Roger Housden, from Ten Poems to Open Your Heart (page 40)

Affirmative prayer

Just for today, I choose my thoughts consciously. I focus on the good that I have. I look for the hidden blessings in difficult situations. I remember how God has been faithful in the past. I trust that God is with me now, and that every affirmative prayer and positive thought I choose aligns me with the grace that can see me through the dark and difficult times. I release this prayer to the law of love, knowing that love works all things together for the highest good. And so it is.