Transforming Troubles

Treasures in the Darkness 

Treasures in the Darkness 

t is a secret which every intellectual man quickly learns, that, beyond the energy of his possessed and conscious intellect, he is capable of a new energy (as of an intellect doubled on itself), by abandonment to the nature of things; that, beside his privacy of power as an individual man, there is a great public power, on which he can draw, by unlocking, at all risks, his human doors, and suffering the ethereal tides to roll and circulate through him: then he is caught up into the life of the Universe, his speech is thunder, his thought is law, and his words are universally intelligible as the plants and animals.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

When troubles come, we have a choice—to let troubles destroy us or transform us. A diamond is just a piece of coal that has undergone extreme pressure. When we are handed a lump of coal in the form of trouble, it’s an opportunity to see how Spirit can transform it into spiritual treasure. Dark ugly things can become jewels reflecting the light of eternity, if we are willing to plunge into the darkness with God and discover the hidden treasure.

The losses may seem overwhelming, but the love and life at the center of your being are more powerful than any sorrow or darkness. The still small voice at the center of your heart is a candle in the dark. Focus on the light and it will grow. Do not betray the life and love in your heart for a darker vision of what life holds. Step toward the light, toward those who love you, and say yes to your own life. Say yes to possibilities that cannot yet be imagined in a sad and depressed state.

God is with you in every season of your life. When the storms of sorrow tear your world apart, Divine comfort is there for you. The Presence walks with you in times of discouragement, waits with you for the perfect timing, and comforts you when sorrow weighs your heart to the ground. This is not a time when logic has anything to offer. This is a time when all explanations fall away, and only deep can speak to deep, Spirit to spirit.

In the darkness, out of sight, the pressures and problems can create the lovely jewel of a quiet spirit, a strengthened character, and a wiser heart. One day you will see—whether in this life or in the shining, glorious crowning glory you will behold in the next life. Remember that there are treasures to be discovered in the darkness and that troubles can be transformed into glorious victories if we can walk though them in trust and faith. Grace will carry you through in ways you cannot yet imagine. Trust.

( excerpt from The Translucent Heart by Candy Paull)

This is what I have learned: With the sorrow, there is grace. When we come close to those things that break us down, we touch those things that also break us open. And in that breaking open, we uncover our true nature.
Wayne Muller

The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.
Joanna Macy

In all those dark moments, O God, grant that I may understand that it is you who is painfully parting the fibers of my being in order to penetrate to the very marrow of my substance.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservations.
Elton Trueblood

You number my wanderings;
Put my tears into your bottle;
Are they not in Your book?
Psalm 56:8 (NKJV)

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.
Albert Camus