Candy Paull writes the way she lives … inspired. Each work is the result of connecting to the deepest part of herself — the true heart that is sacred, serene and beautiful at all times. And she shows us how to do the same.

Candy teaches us that there is something inside each of us that is trustworthy, whole, and wise. Instead of always trying to “fix” what is “broken” in our lives, she helps us experience the profound wholeness that lies at the center of the universe—and in our own human hearts. 

Through words and music, she takes complex concepts like grace, truth, goodness, beauty, sacredness, holiness, love, and mercy, and translates them into quiet wisdom that nourishes and enriches daily life.

Candy encourages men and women to:

• discover how rich we are in the things that count
• bring forth healing, creative energy that transforms our lives
• nurture a faith that transcends our troubles
• find new ways to listen to the inner authority of our own hearts
• express a practical love for ourselves, each other, and our world
• celebrate the mystery, delight, and wonder of life

Throughout her own spiritual path and writing career, Candy has been highly influenced by Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Transcendentalists; mystics of all traditions; Christian writers like Kathleen Norris, Henri Nouwen, and Thomas Merton; Zen/Buddhist writers like Thich Nhat Hanh and Chogyam Trungpa; Sufi writers; soulful writers; artists and visionaries; and many New Thought writers.

With a passion for writing to help other people, Candy is also a freelance writer who has owned her own business since 1990. She has written for a diverse client base, with works that include integrative health, publishing houses, prison fellowship, praise and worship, gift items, calendars, memory books and much more.

Candy shares her home in Nashville Tennessee with her kitty, Emma, and stacks upon stacks of books. She believes that books have a life of their own, and her lifetime collection lines the walls of several rooms. Candy admits to having read most of them - some twice or more. She enjoys reading food and travel magazines, and magazines that celebrate creativity and the art of living well. Candy is also a musician/songwriter who is part of an inspiring creative community and enjoys a spiritually diverse group of friends.

Candy speaks, sings, and facilitates retreats that combine movement, music, readings, aromatherapy, and other healing modalities to help men and women reduce stress, enjoy a more creative and abundant life, and nurture spiritual growth by integrating body/mind/spirit.

There is a great gift when we realize that the journey of life is guided by our willingness to believe in ourselves and know that with God, all things are possible. This kind of abundance cannot be measured, only celebrated. Candy Paull’s wonderful words of wisdom will remind you of a simple yet profound truth: The journey to claim your abundance begins within.
— Rev. Donna Michael, recording artist, forgiveness coach, speaker
Candy Paull’s writing is the readable equivalent of Earl Grey tea, steeped in a pot and served in your grandmother’s china. That is: it warms you through and through.
— Victoria Moran, bestselling author of Creating a Charmed Life