9. Watch the Grass Grow

In God’s world there is room for both the busy bee and the quiet cow chewing her cud. Life gains a certain grace and spaciousness when you practice the gentle art of doing nothing. Go ahead, you have permission just to “be.” Watch the grass grow. Feel the wind on your face. Rejoice in creation. Remember: you are a human being, not a human doing.

Just for today, enjoy a few minutes of holy leisure. Let your mind wander, watch passing clouds, and rest. Then return to your ordinary life refreshed.

Affirm with me:

I let go and allow myself to just “be.” I watch my soul unfold in wonder as I ponder the miracle of growing grass, greening leaves, and unfolding blossom. Nature shares its wisdom with me. And love grows green and glorious in my heart. 

Green Melody © Candy Paull 

Green Melody © Candy Paull