8. Value Yourself

There is great freedom when you learn to value who you are, instead of measuring your worth by what you do, how much you own, or how many credentials you’ve amassed. There is something unchanging and beautiful about the essential you, which comes from a place of love. There is childlike wonder and unwavering faith in your deepest heart of hearts. You are a beloved child of God.


Just for today, remember that things may turn to dust, jobs end, and your body will grow older. But nothing can separate the essential you from the love of God. 


Affirm with me:

I rejoice in my uniqueness. With childlike faith, I choose to honor what I value and my Divine nature. I remember that I am a child of God. And I am well and truly loved. 

Dare to Be Red! © Candy Paull 

Dare to Be Red! © Candy Paull