6. Listen to the Wisdom of Silence

Ours is a noisy society, filled with the sound of machines, the buzz of conversation, and the music and talk of television and radio and the Internet. You need time to be away from all the noise. A quiet time in silence will replenish your spirit and give you access to your own inner wisdom. Let go of all the chatter and opinions and your to-do lists; just be present in the silence. Listen and you will hear Divine wisdom whisper to your heart.


Just for today, create a personal mini-retreat for a time of silence, prayer, and meditation.


Affirm with me:

I quiet my busy mind and rest in sweet silence. Setting aside my cares and worries, I wait in the Divine Presence. I listen for the still small voice. I find peace and rest for my weary heart. 

Ocean Retreat © Candy Paull

Ocean Retreat © Candy Paull