5. Cultivate Contentment

We live in a consumer society that feeds on fears of scarcity and feelings of desire. Ads are created to fuel our desires for more or to push our buttons of insecurity. Cultivating contentment is an antidote to toxic desires. Choose to delight in the gifts life offers every day. Cultivate the gentle art of appreciation, and be content with what you are and what you have in this moment of time.

Just for today, notice the simple gifts life offers: a bed to sleep in, good work to do, a friendly smile, a rose on your desk, a cup of cold water.

Affirm with me:

I cultivate contentment. I live simply and mindfully, grateful for the gifts life brings me today. I enjoy the small pleasures.  I celebrate the goodness of life. 

Roselight © Candy Paull 

Roselight © Candy Paull