4. Practice the Inner Smile

You may have heard that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Researchers now say that a smile can actually send signals to your body to produce chemicals that lift your mood. A smile can come from the inside, too. With the calmness and peace of a gentle smile, learn to detach from critical thoughts and bring the sunshine of acceptance into each situation. Smile within your heart, then give that smile to the world.


Just for today, use the concept of an inner smile to step back from a stressful situation and bathe it in Divine love.


Affirm with me:

I now cultivate the radiance of the inner smile. I allow Divine Grace to shine in my heart and radiate outward through my inner smile. My smile is compassionate. My smile offers peace. My smile is healing. I smile within and I smile out into the world and bless others.  

Buddha Blessings @Candy Paull 

Buddha Blessings @Candy Paull