20. Look For the Good in Others

It’s easy to find things to criticize in others. People make mistakes. They do foolish things. You can pick on people’s weaknesses—or you can encourage their strengths. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, look for what is good, true, and beautiful in each person you encounter today. Tell others what you like or admire about them. People respond to the way you treat them. Your appreciation can help bring out the best in others.


Just for today, if you find yourself about to say something critical about someone’s weakness, exchange that thought for a sincere compliment on a strength.


Affirm with me:

I look for the Face of the Divine Presence when I look into another person’s eyes. I focus on their essential goodness instead of being caught up in surface issues. I bring my best and most loving self to the party, and honor the good, the true, and the beautiful in every human being. 

Prayer Rose © Candy Paull 

Prayer Rose © Candy Paull