2. The Present Moment

Have you ever noticed how often your mind dwells on the past or in the future? Choose to focus on the present moment in your life instead of worrying about the future or regretting the past. Enjoy what you are experiencing now. Savor the goodness of life itself—its taste, scent, textures, and sounds. Be aware that every moment is a gift and a miracle.


Just for today: take a five minute “life appreciation” break. Breathe deeply. Look at what’s around you. Be aware of the simple wonder of here and now.


Affirm with me:

Life is good. I set aside regrets and worries, choosing to focus on this moment. I am present and allow life to be what it is, here and now. I savor the sweetness of life, and embrace it all with gratitude.

Spring Rainblossoms © Candy Paull 

Spring Rainblossoms © Candy Paull