19. Delight in Creativity

Creativity is your birthright. You can express your creativity with paint, clay, music, or drama.  But you also express your creativity through building a business, making your home beautiful, planting a garden, or making a delicious meal. Delight in expressing your creativity. Learn new skills. Enjoy the materials of creation and express yourself with them. Enjoy being, making, and doing things.

Just for today, spend time working on a favorite creative project. Visit an art exhibit, a museum, or a crafts store for inspiration. Feed your creativity.

Affirm with me:

Creativity is my birthright. I am creative and I take joy in my creativity. I am an artist of life. My creativity blesses others, even as I take delight in being creative. 

What Wants to Emerge? © Candy Paull 

What Wants to Emerge? © Candy Paull