18. Welcome the Unknown

Predictability is prized in a society that runs on flow charts, demographic studies, and marketing plans. But life is much larger than the charts and graphs and plans we make. Expectations are usually predicated on past performance, but the unexpected arrives with gifts to offer. Instead of trying to predict and control everything, welcome the unknown. See it as an inspiration for a better idea, a more expansive worldview, and a surprise that brings more zest to living.


Just for today, do something you’ve never done before or go someplace you’ve never been. Enjoy experiencing something new.


Affirm with me:

I embrace the new and the unknown. I think new thoughts. I expect the unexpected. I enjoy new ideas, new relationships, new experiences, and new viewpoints. My horizons expand because I welcome the unknown. 

Open Horizons © Candy Paull 

Open Horizons © Candy Paull