17. Cultivate Inner Serenity

The spiritual journey leads to emancipation from fear. A mind occupied with fear is a great obstacle standing between you and the abundant life you were created for. Learning to cultivate inner serenity is one way of dealing with fear. Consciously take your fears and release each one to your Higher Power. Visualize those fears dissolving in the light of Divine love. Rest within the peace that passes understanding.


Just for today, if fear makes you start feeling crazy, step back and say to yourself, “I am fine at this moment and I release my fears to the Divine.”


Affirm with me:

I choose serenity. When I feel anxious, I take a deep breath and relax into the moment. I step away from fear and move into the serene Presence of God. 

Tranquil Moment © Candy Paull 

Tranquil Moment © Candy Paull