15. Trust the Process

In a society focused on results and end products, it is easy to forget that you can’t create without going through a process of creation. You may say you have a certain goal or end result in mind, but often the actual work may take you in another direction. And many times a seemingly messy detour becomes the path to something unexpected and wonderful. Whether you are creating a work of art or a life, trust the process. It will take you where you need to go.


Just for today, start a creative project and watch the process unfold. Meditate on the processes unfolding in your life as you see your creative work evolve.


Affirm with me:

I trust the process. Instead of trying to predict or control the outcome, I enjoy the journey. I embrace serendipity. I release my judgments. I take the next right step, knowing I am safely guided. 

Rose in Process © Candy Paull 

Rose in Process © Candy Paull