14. Tap into the Wisdom of the Body

Your body is wiser than you realize. Your body knows what you need. Pay attention to physical signals. Your body tells you to rest when you’re tired, knowing that sleep will give you a new perspective. If you feel uneasy in a situation, pay attention. Your gut feelings don’t lie—researchers have even discovered that there are brain cells in your intestines! Your body is fearfully and wonderfully made, a marvelous intuitive instrument that can guide you with earthy wisdom, if you will listen.

Just for today, if you have a “gut feeling” about a situation, pay attention to what your body is telling you instead of dismissing it with “logic.” Trust your instincts—and your gut!

Affirm with me: I pay attention to the signals my body sends me. I balance the intelligence of my mind with the wisdom of my body. My body offers an intuitive radar that helps me navigate the challenges of life. 

George Relaxes and Reduces Stress © Candy Paull 

George Relaxes and Reduces Stress © Candy Paull