12. Learn the Wisdom of Play

It’s child’s play that creates new options and brings lively energy into your life. Serious workaholics are especially in need of the creative therapy of child’s play. Having a good time is good for the soul, and it helps you gain much-needed perspective on what’s truly important in life. Watch children play. Notice how naturally and easily they embrace each experience and learn as they have fun.  A playful spirit can make life sweeter and saner.

Just for today, take time out for play. Putter around the kitchen or garden. Enjoy an hour in the park. Play music or make art.

Affirm with me:

I take a more playful approach to life. With childlike zest, I let the creative side of my nature come out. I enjoy a time to play, then return to daily duties with a renewed perspective and a spirit refreshed.

Crayon Colors © Candy Paull 

Crayon Colors © Candy Paull