1. Choose Happiness  

Happiness can be a choice. While some choose to look at the dark side of life, a person who chooses happiness has decided to walk on the sunny side of the street. It’s a matter of attitude as much as anything. Say to yourself, “I choose to be happy in this moment.” Believe that God gives you the power to create your own happiness and you’ll be inspired to cultivate happiness for yourself and for others.

Just for today, create happiness for someone else. Share a smile, open a door, offer a helping hand. Bring a flower or a treat to a friend. Send a card to someone.

Affirm with me:

Even on a bad day, I know I can choose to cultivate a mindset that leads to happiness. I practice gratitude and create a happier atmosphere in my world. I choose to create my own special kind of happiness and share it with others.

That Petey Face © Candy Paull 

That Petey Face © Candy Paull