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31 Days of Simplicity e-book

31 Days of Encouragement e-book

The Art of Simplicity e-book

The Art of Encouragement e-book

The Art of Abundance e-book

32 Days of Abundance: Meditations to Help You Make the Most of Every Moment

The Heart of Abundance: A Simple Guide to Appreciating and Enjoying Life

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Inner Abundance: Affirmations for Confidence, Creativity, and Higher Consciousness

The Art of Simplicity

The Art of Encouragement

The Art of Abundance


Welcome to my website. It's a work in progress that changes with the seasons. Thank you for sharing the abundance!

NEW! Release date November 26, 2013.

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The Translucent Heart

I just published my new e-book, The Translucent Heart. It's available right now on Amazon and Smashwords, and will be available soon on Apple, Sony, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, and other e-tailers very soon. Over two years in the making. The Translucent Heart is a collection of sixty-one meditations with quotes for the spiritual journey, outlining practical ways to bring a little bit of heaven into daily life on earth.

New Second Edition just published!

No Fear in Love

…perfect love casts out fear. I John 4:18 (RSV)

Fear believes . . . there is never enough.
Love believes . . . there is plenty for everyone.

Fear believes . . . the worst about people and situations.
Love believes . . . the best about people and situations.

Fear believes . . . there is only one right answer.
Love believes . . . there are many ways to understand something.

Fear believes . . . you have to change others through manipulation and coercion to get
what you want.
Love believes . . . real change comes from the heart, starting with your own heart.

Fear believes . . . things will never change.
Love believes . . . any situation can be transformed by the power of love.

Fear believes . . . that everything must be mapped out ahead of time.
Love believes . . . that you can trust the process.

Fear believes . . . in negative thinking.
Love believes . . . in positive choice.

Fear believes . . . the damage is done.
Love believes . . . healing can happen.

Fear believes . . . if you're not a success by now, you must be a failure.
Love believes . . . you're only a failure if you give up on your dreams.

Fear believes . . . life is cheap.
Love believes . . . life is precious.

Fear believes . . . anyone different is "them.”
Love believes . . . there is only "us."

Fear believes . . . it's too late.
Love believes . . . it's never too late.

Fear believes . . . the situation is impossible.
Love believes . . . a solution can be found.

Fear believes . . . that fifteen minutes of fame makes you important.
Love believes . . . we are all important.

Fear believes . . . people are disposable commodities.
Love believes . . . people are sacred.

Fear believes . . . in proving your own superiority over others.
Love believes . . . in honoring the greatness in others.

Fear believes . . . that everything needs to hyped.
Love believes . . . in quiet strength and simple faith.

Fear believes . . . no one is listening and no one cares.
Love believes . . . in prayer.

Where there is great love, there are always miracles.— Willa Cather

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Sixty-one meditations with a cornucopia of quotes. Inspiration for daily life.
Abundance, Encouragement, Simplicity
Trade Paper, E-book, Audio: Coming November 26, 2013, Grand Harbor Press
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Simplicity is releasing that which no longer serves me to make room for what I most deeply desire.
Encouragement is inspiring each other to embrace life with courage, enthusiasm, and love.
Abundance is not how much I own, but how much I appreciate.
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