For men and women who seek an antidote to our high stress, high anxiety world, author and spiritual teacher Candy Paull offers practical help. You will find comfort, renewed confidence and healing as you tap into the wisdom and serenity that lives at the core of your being.

When you need words of encouragement, whether you face a challenging storm or high-stress daily life, you can use these ideas and insights to tap into the peace and serenity that lives at your center. Candy’s practical advice, insights, affirmations, and meditations will guide your personal journey as you create the life of your deepest desires.

Candy’s delightful words of encouragement, inspiration and gratitude will help you:

  • find courage and strength in difficult times

  • discover hope and healing for your soul in any season of life

  • make empowering choices that honor your heart’s deepest desires 

These pages offer fresh words of encouragement for men and women. They offer simple ways to enjoy a more creative and abundant life. Instead of always trying to “fix” what is “broken” in our lives, Candy’s words of inspiration invite you to discover your own inner peace and abundance.

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I am excited to share my new print on demand (POD) adventure. I have been exploring the possibilities for POD fabrics, clothing, and gift items. I now have a shop online with Art of Wear, a POD company that is located in Montreal. I chose them for the great reviews on quality and service.

Here is the link to my Art of Where shop.

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My fabric philosophy

I love chasing the light, and finding those numinous moments of beauty that speak to the soul. The play of light on petal and leaf offer a special fascination for my artist's eye. I am a singer/songwriter and a published author, but love visual art as well. I bought my first digital camera in 2006, and it opened a beautiful new world. I can now share that beauty with you in gorgeous products that are designed to bring out the luminous and soulful spirit of those who buy and use them. My wish is that the dress you wear, the fabric you buy, the treasures that adorn your life, will lift your spirits and remind you that you are a unique gift to the world

The art of abundance is not about greed or selfishness. The art of abundance is about celebrating life right now, this minute… More words of gratitude

Encouragement is the art of abundance shared and multiplied. It is a way of living that seeks to bless each person we meet... More words of encouragement

Simplicity can be difficult to achieve in a world that clamors for "more! more! more!" But simplicity opens the way to the center of the heart... More words of inspiration

The Translucent Heart is a collection of sixty-one meditations with quotes for the spiritual journey, featuring practical ways...
More words of inspiration

A month's worth of meditations and encouraging quotes encourage you to create and celebrate more abundance every day… More words of gratitude

In a high stress, high anxiety world, a serene life may feel like an impossible dream. But serenity can be consciously cultivated... More words of encouragement

A month of meditations that can give you the courage and confidence to live with resolution, vitality, and purpose… More words of encouragement

Inner Abundance gently helps you look at life from another perspective. You'll find fresh insight on the small joys that you often take for granted or miss in the rush... More words of gratitude

A month of meditations help you clear both outer and inner clutter, encouraging you to order your priorities around what matters most… More words of inspiration

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Amazing. It helped me get through some rough times in my life. So when I’m down, I pick up this book and start reading and it completely turns my mood around.
— L (Amazon five star review)
This book is a safe house to me. I return to it over and over again when I need to touch base with myself.
— K (Amazon five star review)
Helped me set effective goals for my life, maintain my sanity thru my husband’s cancer & my fibromyalgia, helped me help my children with tough issues, & lots, lots more!
— S (Amazon five star review)
This book helped me through some really hard times. It’s COVERED with highlighting and I refer to the things I’ve highlighted. I found it truly inspirational and uplifting. One of the best books I’ve read for comfort during times that try the soul.
— A (Goodreads five star review)

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Meet Candy

Candy Paull shares her home in Nashville Tennessee with her kitty, Emma, and stacks upon stacks of books. She believes that books have a life of their own, and her lifetime collection lines the walls of several rooms... More about Candy